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Purchasing or Selling Real Estate is often much more than that; it’s the purchase or sale of your home or investment.

With so many options to choose from, one of the first decisions you have to make is whether or not to choose a Solicitor or a Conveyancer.

Straight up, Solicitors are lawyers and (the good ones) can assess the Contract of Sale, provide advice and deal with any hiccups thrown your way. Conveyancers (in general) are unable or otherwise unwilling to grapple with difficulties or curve balls in the transaction process.

If the conveyancing process is straightforward, you won’t have any difficulty using an experienced conveyancer. If there are problems, however, that’s when you can rest on the safety of the professional services of a solicitor.

At Malkin Lawyers, we don’t force you to choose – you can have all the advantages of a competitive, fixed-price conveyancing with the assurance that if any hiccups are thrown your way, we’ll be able to address and deal with them on-the-fly. If a matter turns out to be substantive, we’ll keep you informed and updated, BEFORE incurring the same, if additional costs are required.

We also have extensive experience in advising clients entering into Retirement Villages including explaining the complex resident management contracts often required to be entered into. We explain in plain terms what this important document means and what you have to pay upfront and upon exiting the village.

By all means, shop around. With our price and the services we offer, however, we’re confident you’ll come back.

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Berwick Conveyancing
Make the Choice for Experienced Help in Berwick with Conveyancing

Real estate transactions are always among the largest and most stressful occasions in anyone’s life, and in Berwick, conveyancing services are essential to navigating these transactions. When things get more complicated, however, you often need a solicitor to levy their greater legal influence to solve the emergent problems. How do you determine which service you need, and who should you contact for help? Below, we address how Malkin Lawyers is the ideal team to help you both as a conveyancer and property lawyer in Berwick.

The Importance of Conveyancing in Berwick

Any time you buy or sell real estate, all levels of government have an interest in the transaction, which means these transactions tend to be complicated. Our services can help you simplify them in several ways:

  • In the best case, there are no extra complications, and the sale can occur as intended. In such cases, we serve as a standard Berwick conveyancer with a fixed-price service. We’ll ensure all your paperwork is completed and accurate so that no agency has an issue with the sale.
  • Not all transactions occur as smoothly as the ideal, however. In those cases, you need help with more than basic conveyancing. Our team is ready to work as solicitors when the task calls for greater legal efforts to sort through any problems that arise.
  • Often, families depend on assets from a property sale to accommodate the costs of helping an elder move to a retirement community. When you’re trying to make the most of the property’s value, then any added costs represent a reduction in what you can afford in terms of quality or duration. We strive to ensure you never need to choose between the two.

With the right assistance, you can simplify any conveyancing transaction while maximising your asset’s value.

What You Can Expect from Malkin Lawyers as a Conveyancer in Berwick

We’re more than just another conveyancer or solicitor. Malkin Lawyers brings several qualities to the table that can benefit you and your family or business:

  • Unlike other conveyancers or solicitors, we can handle both aspects of the service. We’ll start the transaction with fixed-price conveyancing. If it turns out to be more complicated than we’d anticipated, then we will alert you to the potential issues and apprise you of the added costs to serve you as solicitors.
  • Our team gives you personalised focus and one-on-one attention. You’ll meet directly with the conveyancers and solicitors who will manage your transactions. We’re always listening to what your desires are and doing our best to serve you at every step of the sale.
  • We have extensive experience working as conveyancers in and around Berwick. Our team has facilitated domestic property sales to finance transitions to new homes, commercial contracts to help businesses secure the property they need or divest unnecessary real estate, and drafted thorough retirement home contracts to protect both dignity and assets.
  • Our firm is local, giving us both a connection to the same community in which you live and direct familiarity with the laws that affect real estate sales in and around Berwick. We respond quickly to all enquiries and are happy to meet personally with new clients so that you can see firsthand who is working for you.
Why Trust Malkin Lawyers as a Berwick Property Lawyer

When you consider the flexibility, experience, and personalised attention that our team offers to each client, it’s no surprise that we’re a go-to choice for assistance with conveyancing and real estate transactions. Let us put the law on your side and ensure that you have the best representation possible for your next property sale or purchase. Contact us to schedule a consultation and determine if we’re the right fit for your needs.