Criminal & Traffic Law

Traffic offences, Drink Driving, Court Appearances

Being charged with an offence is quite a daunting experience. Facing Court is probably worse. Facing Court alone and without any assistance…good luck!

With Malkin Lawyers, you can have the representation of an experienced and competent firm to stand up and speak on your behalf. If you’ve done the crime and you’re just looking to make sure your sentence is as low as possible, we can plead your case. If you’re contesting the charges, we’ll go through the Police Brief and advise you of the strengths and weaknesses of the Prosecution case.

Ultimately, the decision is yours, but making an informed decision will save you a lot of anxiety and, invariably, a lot of cash.

If, after reviewing the matter and receiving our advice you ultimately decide to plead, our services in representing you are set at a fixed price.
What sets Malkin Lawyers apart from the rest is that our Director, Mark Barrett, was formerly a Police Prosecutor himself. Having sat at both sides of the Bar Table, Mark knows the ins and outs of Police procedure better than most.