Debt Recovery

Don’t Throw Good Money At Bad Debt

There’s no point in throwing good money after bad debt. At Malkin Lawyers, we have extensive experience in debt collection of outstanding moneys payable not only from individuals but also companies, located both within the State and nationally.

Even better, when we’re able to secure a Default Judgment (where the debtor simply doesn’t have an excuse for the debt and/or can’t be bothered filing a valid Defence), we only charge at the relevant Court scale rate. This means that our fees will be largely payable from the amounts Ordered by the Court against the Debtor. What this means for you is that you recover most of the debt plus interest (if applicable) that is owed to you, without losing the lion’s share to legal fees.

Go ahead, give us a call. What do you have to lose?

Debt Collectors Berwick

Malkin Lawyers Work as Debt Collectors in Berwick

Malkin Lawyers is well known for the broad range of legal services we offer, but we also work as debt collectors in Berwick. Collecting money owed to you can be a hassle, one that can even take more of your time and money than the debt is worth. Don’t throw good money at bad debt. Instead, bring our extensively experienced debt recovery team on board to collect on the debt.

What You Can Expect from Malkin Lawyers Regarding Debt Recovery in Berwick

Whether you are dealing with a business or personal debt, in Berwick, the state, or even nationally, our debt recovery team has the experience needed to help you collect. You need an advocate on your side that can deal with a reluctant debtor. We utilise methods that have obtained favourable results for many of our clients. Here is what you can expect when you come to us to handle your debt recovery in Berwick:

  • We start with our consultation, the first half-hour of which is free so you can ask any questions and let us deal with any concerns before charging a cent. Our goal in these consultations is to learn all we can about your situation, so we can strategise and find the best way toward debt recovery.
  • The next step is to offer our unflinching advice on your situation. We will cut through the chase and tell it to you like it is so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.
  • Once you have all the information you need to decide, we work within the agreed debt recovery plan to get you the money you are owed.
Related Services We Proved to Berwick Debt Recovery

We offer a broad range of legal services to individuals and companies in Berwick, many of which are related to debt recovery. These include the following:

  • Many of the debts we help recover in Berwick are related to ongoing businesses. We offer a commercial approach to business transactions, from reviewing contracts, providing business advice and more.
  • Debts can arise from commercial and civil litigation. Our team has a thorough and working knowledge of the relevant laws, practices and procedures of the various hierarchies in the court system.
  • When a debt comes from a contract, you need to be sure that it is drafted correctly and enforceable. Our team can help with your contracts.
Why Malkin Lawyers Debt Recovery in Berwick is Cost-Effective

A debt owed to you can be a burden to your business or even personal finances. The money is legally yours, but collecting it is a different story. Instead of taking the lion’s share of your owed debt as our legal fee when we can secure a default judgement, we only charge at the relevant Court scale rate. For you, this means our fee will be largely payable from the amounts Ordered by the Court against the Debtor. You recover most of the debt that is owed to you, plus any applicable interest. If that sounds reasonable to you and you want to learn more about how we can help, contact us today for debt recovery in Berwick.