Business Law

A commercial approach to business transactions

We’re experienced in reviewing contracts, providing business advice, assessing the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your business enterprise from a legal perspective and advising as to your rights and obligations in a given commercial transaction.

We find that often, clients only seek legal advice after they’ve ventured out on their own in a particular business contract or transaction and have wound up in a mess. Sure, we’re able to assist in identifying the legal implications of the decisions made and actions taken, but it’s far better to secure sound legal advice prior to committing to business decisions.

We understand that certainty in commercial dealings is the key; no-one enters into a contract without knowing what they’re getting into. In providing our services, we endeavour to give you a reasonable estimate of the costs you will likely be facing and keep you informed as the matter proceeds. If our involvement is limited, we can arrange our fees on a step-by-step approach so that you know just how much you owe. If you’re confident in your abilities to get certain documents and communications done, we’ll leave that in your hands. This means that you can actively reduce the costs to you.

Whether it’s the sale or purchase of a business or whether it’s negotiating the terms of a lease or negotiating terms of contract, with our expertise and proven track record, you can rest assured in the competence of our firm in protecting and promoting your interests.

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