Family Law



Family Law

Property Disputes, Parenting Issues, Divorce; We help put the pieces in perspective.

Family Law disputes are often some of the most bitter and disturbing of all the litigious services required of lawyers. From your perspective, it’s even worse because you’re the one caught right in the thick of it.


At Malkin Lawyers, we understand the stresses and anxieties that surround Family Matters; whether it’s a gritty property dispute or a delicate children’s custodial matter. We can help you put the pieces in perspective.


When you bring your matter to us, you’ll find that we’re not like the other firms out there – we’re here to give you the best possible result through the most practical means. We encourage compromise and swift resolution wherever possible, but when that’s simply not available, we’re more than capable of digging in for the long haul.


We’ve secured great results for our clients over the years and even against some of the larger (and generally much dearer) city firms. At Malkin Lawyers, you can rest assured that we’re experienced in all aspects of Family Law and are capable and adept to provide the services and advice you need to get your family life back on track.

We can assist you in all aspects of Family Law including:

Property disputes and settlements

Financial Agreements including Pre-Nups

Parenting Disputes

Divorce Applications - We charge a fixed-price for divorce applications based on the published Family Law Court Scale

Parenting Disputes

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Divorce Lawyers Berwick


Trust the Malkin Law Team as Your Divorce Lawyers in Berwick

The right team of divorce lawyers in Berwick can help make the entire process easier. The professionals at Malkin Law approach each matter with the understanding that every divorce is different and requires a personal touch.


Problems Malkin Law Addresses

As experienced Berwick divorce lawyers, we have a unique understanding of the difficulties associated with divorce. Here are some examples of issues that we cover during our representation:

● Concerns when filing your divorce application: When you are going through a divorce, you are undoubtedly experiencing a myriad of emotions. However, when you are submitting your application for divorce, the paperwork must be flawless. When you are upset, it is never advisable to try compiling this paperwork. Our firm can complete and file the application on your behalf.

● Parenting disputes: Are you in dispute with your former spouse regarding child visitation? Let us help. We collaborate with you and the opposing counsel to work out an appropriate visitation schedule that is feasible for both parties and one that is in your children’s best interest.

● Property settlements: If you are having issues settling disagreements over finances, our attorneys can help you work through the dispute. We review the marital assets and create an equitable property settlement agreement. Did you sign a pre-nuptial agreement? Be sure to let our attorneys know, ensuring that we work toward enforcing the terms of the document.


Related Services We Provide as Divorce Lawyers in Berwick

Our team has years of experience in divorce law; however, we can also assist you in other fields of law, including:

● Wills and estates: We always recommend that you set up a Last Will and Testament to help your loved ones settle any financial issues when you pass away. Your will dictates specific details, including the representative and beneficiary of your estate. Learn more about why estate planning documents are essential.

● Criminal law: If there is a potential that may be facing a criminal offence charge, it is vital that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that your civil rights remain protected. Our attorneys work quickly to review the case and present you with a viable option to ease the stress and anxiety associated with the matter. We appear on your behalf and tirelessly plead your case in court.

● Debt recovery: Are you struggling to collect payment for services that you provided? Let us help. We file documentation to obtain a Default Judgment which is a court order for the debtor to pay their dues. Our fees are typically covered as an additional payment by the debtor, so you don’t have to worry about added expenses.


About Malkin Law

The professionals at Malkin Law provide you with a reliable Berwick divorce lawyer and quality legal advice. We understand the complexity of each matter and dedicate ourselves to guiding you through the process. Do you have questions and concerns regarding an ongoing matter? We encourage you to call and speak to your attorney or our support staff at any time.


To schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer in Berwick, please reach out to us through our contact page.




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